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Episode #159. Saturday July 22, 2023, 11:00 Eastern

Are you wondering if your language needs a boost? Attend Episode #159 of Silver Lining for Learning and get some answers. In fact, in this episode, we will chat with Fabrício Cararro, speaker of 14 languages, and Lucas Bighetti, speaker of 16 languages, both originally from Brazil, who have started a language learning company called LanguageBoost. Their audience includes people who all-of-a-sudden are living abroad and need to learn the language of their new country or region as well as those who are planning or wanting to travel overseas. Other audiences include those needing to pass a language entrance exam, casual language learners, language hobbyists, and others. Learners from around the world have learned languages from Fabrício and Lucas using their unique methods to become conversational in a language of interest in an extremely short period of time. In this session, we will learn how YouTubers like them are using shared online video, blogs, interactive flashcards, generative AI, and other technologies to teach languages online. For instance, we will also discuss how Fabrício and Lucas have used ChatGPT to enhance their language instruction including their recent conversation about generative AI technology like ChatGPT with President Barack Obama. Along the way, we will find out what life is like for a polyglot and how long it takes Fabrício and Lucas to learn a new language. Russian anyone? How about Mandarin? Thai? Serbian? Finnish? Japanese? Attend this session and find out more.

More about our guests below the video



Or have a listen as they demonstrate their magical polyglot skills:

Fabrício (Brazilian Polyglot speaking 11 Languages [SUBTITLED]):


Lucas (Polyglot Speaking 14 Languages – How I Maintain my 14 Languages):

Fabrício Cararro, originally from Brazil, was a very curious child. The first moment he was faced with foreign languages was around 2nd or 3rd grade, when a couple of kids who studied in the same class with him started speaking English to each other. Their parents had a lot of money, so they could afford private English lessons. Fabrício felt admiration, but also a little bit of jealousy. He would also like to have a secret language to talk to other classmates and friends. Fabrício has always been interested in other countries and other cultures but could only speak some English. Everything started to change when he was 18. He got the chance to take an intensive Italian course in Brazil, which was a birthday gift from his godmother. At that moment, he saw that learning foreign languages was possible.

Soon, Fabrício became a programmer, while keeping language learning as a hobby. However, the languages would keep calling him. So, when he was 27, he got a job in Europe and has not stopped traveling since then. On this journey, he learned from the world’s leading polyglots how people succeed in learning foreign languages, attended several polyglot conferences, and tested countless language learning methods. He can now speak 14 languages (at different levels). His current mission is to help people from all over the world to learn languages faster and more effectively, in order to show them it’s possible and for them to be able to reach their goals.


Lucas Bighetti is a language enthusiast and polyglot who has dedicated his life to mastering multiple languages. Growing up in a monolingual family, he really struggled to learn languages at school, but decided to give himself a second chance. He conducted a lot of research and started implementing his own unorthodox methods for language learning. After realizing that the key to success was having a good method rather than natural talent, he began to thrive in his language studies. Today, Lucas speaks a total of 16 languages and uses his skills to help others learn languages more efficiently. He is a sought-after speaker at international events, where he shares his insights and experiences as a polyglot with audiences around the world. Through his work, Lucas is committed to helping others achieve their language learning goals and overcome the same challenges he once faced. He is passionate about sharing the techniques and strategies that have helped him succeed, and he is always seeking new opportunities to share his knowledge and inspire others to pursue their language learning dreams.