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 Episode 174 Saturday November 11 at noon EST, Immersive Learning “Found in the Fjords” of Norway

In Episode #174 of Silver Lining for Learning, Louise Edwards (lead developer and 3D artist) and her teammate Tiffany Duong (writer) will take us on an adventure (or edventure) into the fjords of Norway not by plane, car, or boat but via immersive learning technology. Their work is literally changing the landscape of education to teach about ecological systems that are currently in the midst of extreme flux yet are vital to life on this planet. Learners can now leap into Arctic waters and experience firsthand how the orca of North America are adapting to a rapidly changing ocean and planet overall. Learn how juvenile orcas experience their first winter in Arctic fjords and navigate threats and opportunities such as those brought by the annual winter herring run. Attend this session and have your mind stretched, your emotions stirred, and life outlook forever altered.

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Dr. Louise Edwards is an educational consultant and VR developer situated at the nexus of science education, exploration, and immersive technology. She has carved a unique career path that encompasses experimental research in Earth science, environmental consulting, education and training across K-12, post-secondary and corporate sectors, and VR design and development. She specializes in creating immersive and interactive experiences that help people develop a relationship with the Earth and the scientific literacy required to engage with the modern world.



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Tiffany Duong is an explorer and expedition storyteller. She holds degrees from UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. Inspired by an epic dive trip, she left corporate law to campaign for our planet. Now, she writes, speaks and leads from dense jungles to remote oceans to the changing Arctic. Through her varied work, Tiff gives voice to what’s happening in the natural world to inspire meaningful action and lasting change. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @tiffmakeswaves.


Field/expedition reporting, science communication, storytelling, writing, campaign design, coalition building, and intersectional and environmental advocacy

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