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Episode 186 | Celebrating 4 years of SLL Part II

Noon Eastern | March 23, 2024
with guests Shirley Eadie, Khendum Gyabak & Aakash Sethi

In this episode we celebrate 4 years of Silver Lining for Learning and we are joined by some of our previous guests to catch up with them and to just have a good self-congratulatory time. More about about our guests below the video.



Shirley Eadie

Shirley Eadie is the founder of Whole Human Studios, a future skills education consulting company that works with organisations and governments interested in equipping children with the skills they need to thrive in the fast-changing world of work and life. Shirley is a technical advisor to the South African Education Ministry on their future skills strategy. Together with the Ministry, she led the development of the South African Competency Framework, adopted as the national skills framework for k-12. Shirley has an M.Ed in International Education Policy from Harvard University. Her career has focused on education innovation and research.
Previously, Shirley founded and led the Edhub, an education innovation unit at the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT). Prior to her work in education, she was founder and CEO of Pondering Panda – Africa’s first quantitative mobile research company, and was Business and Research Director of Instant Grass International, ethnographic youth research agency.

She had joined us previously for Episode 156: Preparing Children in Africa for a Fast-Changing World

Khendum Gyabak

Khendum’s knowledge and professional experience positions her to scope out the nuances existing in any system of human development. She is adept at facilitating curriculum mapping workshops, leading the design and evaluation of graduate and undergraduate academic programs. She has a long history of facilitating faculty learning in higher education, and has also designed and facilitated workshops, academies and talks for K-12 teachers, health care workers and community stakeholders in the U.S, Bhutan, Nepal and Papua New Guinea.

She had previously been on Episode 74 | The Push for Equitable Learning in Inequitable Learning Spaces: Taking a Journey to Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, and Nepal

Aakash Sethi

Prior to starting the QUEST Alliance, Aakash worked with Microsoft’s regional office in Istanbul covering Middle East and Africa. He was in the Regional Community Affairs & Citizenship team that developed a 3-year regional plan for digital inclusion programs with a strong focus on IT Skills development for employment. He was the Country Director of the International Youth Foundation and helped set up the Quest Alliance in partnership with USAID in India. He was an active member of AIESEC, the world’s largest youth organization that helps young people gain vital leadership & cross cultural experiences, for over 4 years where he held various local, national and global leadership positions. He has worked extensively on training & facilitating youth leadership programs in over 10 countries.

He is passionate about exploring the role of business in poverty alleviation and the role of networks in taking collective action through a multi-stakeholder approach. He is an Ashoka fellow & Asia 21 leader and on the board of Children’s Movement of Civic Awareness (CMCA). He has a graduate degree in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad.

Specialties: Program Design, Management & Evaluation,
Training & Facilitation
Designing & Developing Networks
Managing Virtual Networks
Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Enterprise Management

He had previously been on Episode 43 | Designing for learners to take charge: Kiran Sethi and Aakash Sethi