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Episode 191 | Hosts reflect
Noon Eastern, May 4, 2024.


Episode 191 of Silver Lining for Learning featured a conversation between Yong Zhao, Chris Dede, and Curt Bonk. They discussed the rapidly evolving role of AI in education,  emphasizing the importance of understanding AI’s current capabilities and limitations through sources like the national AI institutes. They highlighted the potential of AI to enable truly personalized, self-directed learning experiences tailored to individual needs.

The hosts explored the concepts of self-directed learning versus personalized learning,  noting self-directed learning empowers learners with more autonomy over their path. They examined how the nature of expertise is shifting, requiring continuous, self-directed lifelong learning to adapt and stay relevant.

Reflecting on national educational technology plans, the hosts acknowledged their aspirational value though they lack enforceability, while suggesting they may have more impact internationally. The episode also touched on recent campus protests at the hosts’ universities, which they contextualized as smaller in scale compared to historical social movements.

Throughout, the conversation highlighted the hosts’ diverse global perspectives as they discussed emerging educational trends, technologies, and the evolving role of educators in an era of rapid change.