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Champions of Robotics

Episode 193, Saturday May 25 at 12 noon Eastern

Some of the most powerful principles of learning in the 21st century relate to collaboration and teamwork, hands-on doing, and learning relevancy and meaningfulness. As such, Episode #193 of Silver Lining for Learning promises to be highly unique and inspirational. Why? Well, the “Pythoneers 52402” team in Dallas, Texas recently won the state championship for robotics, and, then, they did something even more inspiring which kids all over the world only dream about. What did they do? Well, they won the First Robotics world breakthrough award at the world competition in April 2024. Come to this session and meet the “Pythoneers 52402” team. Find out how this team elevated to new heights in terms of collaboration and successful performance.

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Video Demo of Robot

Pythoneers 52402 Presentation:

Below is a list of the brilliant students on this team. They are the future leaders of not just Texas, but the world. Come to this session and find out how these young people in Texas learned the skills and competencies to win this global robotics competition.

  • David Xiao, 7th grade, St. Mark’s School of Texas, Dallas, TX
  • Evan Huang, 7th grade, Greenhill School, Addison, TX
  • Wanni Zhu, 7th grade, Rice Middle School, Plano, TX
  • Andrew Li, 6th grade, Rice Middle School, Plano, TX
  • Nicholas Lipsmeyer, 8th grade, Carroll Middle School, Southlake, TX