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Episode #67. Saturday July 17, 2021, 11:30 am EDT; 4:30 pm in the UK

Episode Abstract: Without doubt, we are in a world in flux. In this flux-filled world, we educators have difficult choices and challenges in front of us. As such, Silver Lining for Learning is delighted that to have a show devoted to the future of the education world. In this session, Gilly Salmon will discuss four possibilities for an education world post-pandemic, including (1) restore, (2) adapt, (3) evolve, and (4) transform (see related video), and attempt to get the Silver Lining for Learning audience to contemplate which direction they are heading. In parallel to this, Gilly recently took an historical look at the higher education in her 2019 article in the Journal of Learning for Development, “May the Fourth Be with you: Creating Education 4.0.” Employing this article as a base, we will discuss Education 1.0 (i.e., using the Web as a Transmission tool), Education 2.0 (i.e., using the Web for Social exchange and collaboration), Education 3.0 (i.e., using the Web (or Semantic Web) for our Digital lives and Mobility), and Education 4.0 (i.e., finding ourselves in the Symbiotic Web (i.e., the symbiosis between artificial and human intelligences). During this session, Dr. Salmon will also discuss her five stage model of online moderation, her extensive work on e-moderating and e-tivities, and her Carpe Diem approach to learning design. Of course, during this session we will also reflect on her career from her time as Head of the Beyond Distance Research Alliance of the Media Zoo at the University of Leicester to becoming Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education Innovation, at the University of Western Australia and much more (see bio below). Hope to see you there.

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Gilly Salmon spent 30 years in the university sector in the UK and Australia as Professor (Education Futures) and Pro Vice-Chancellor, as well as two years as academic director in an OPM in London. Recently, Gilly has chosen to become a consultant and facilitator. She is founder and C.E.O of Education Alchemists Ltd; a company formed around her life’s work including Carpe Diem learning design methodology, pedagogical transformation, online teaching, technology enhanced learning, the 5 stage model, and e-tivities. Alchemists offer practical and agile routes to quality online learning for educating students for the future 4.0 world and fully engaging academic staff.

Gilly’s university career mostly recently entailed being a Professor of Innovation and Transformation at the University of Liverpool Management School. Before that, she spent some time in Australia at three universities as: (1) Pro Vice-Chancellor of Education Innovation, at the University of Western Australia; (2) Pro Vice-Chancellor of Learning Transformations at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, and (3) Executive Director and Professor (Learning Futures) at the Australian Digital Futures Institute, University of Southern Queensland, Australia. Previously, Gilly was Professor of E-learning and Learning Technologies, and Head of the Beyond Distance Research Alliance and the Media Zoo, at the University of Leicester in the UK. And prior to the fun adventure at the Media Zoo, she was a faculty member at the UK Open University Business School. Twenty years ago, in 2001, Gilly Salmon was a founding director of All Things in Moderation Ltd after publishing the book, “E-moderating: The key to teaching and learning online” the year before. Gilly’s personal website is and she can be contacted at

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