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Note time: March 9, 2024. 10 AM Eastern (8:30 PM in India)

Brief introduction:

Join us as we delve into the transformative world of educational spaces with Prakash Nair, AIA and Dr.Parul Minhas, whose pioneering work is reshaping the way we think about learning environments.

Extended Introduction:

This episode takes you on a journey through the innovative minds of Prakash Nair,AIA and Dr.Parul Minhas from Education Design International (EDI). Their pioneering work, which merges insights from architecture, neuroscience, psychology, and technology, has set new benchmarks in creating learning environments that foster student well-being, engagement, and achievement. Delve into their transformative design principles by exploring their portfolio of international projects, and learn how these spaces are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of 21st-century education. Their research-backed approach is detailed in their publications, including A New Language of School Design, which offers evidence-based strategies for enhancing student outcomes. Join us as we uncover how EDI’s designs embody the future of learning, preparing students to thrive in an ever-changing world.

More about our guests below the video


About our guests 

Prakash Nair, AIA: As the Founding President & CEO of EDI, Prakash is a futurist and visionary architect recognized globally for his contributions to school design. His work, which spans 58 countries, has garnered numerous international awards. Prakash’s publications, including “Blueprint for Tomorrow: Redesigning Schools for Student-Centered Learning,” highlight his commitment to rethinking educational spaces to support modern pedagogies.

Dr. Parul Minhas: As EDI’s Director of Research & Digital Innovation, Parul’s groundbreaking research in learning environments, neuroarchitecture, and biophilic design showcases her commitment to creating spaces that enhance student health and well-being. Her collaborative efforts with Prakash Nair have led to influential studies and tools that assist in the design of educational excellence.