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Episode 188, Saturday April 6 at 12:00 Noon Eastern, The Conversation Continues: The U.S. DoE National Educational Technology Plan Part 2: The Future

Session Abstract (with assistance from ChatPDF as well as ChatGPT).

Part 2 of the conversation on the US National Educational Technology Plan 2024 delves into the future of educational technology. In particular, our discourse on the US National Educational Technology Plan 2024 will delve into the exciting realm of emerging learning technologies (e.g., AI, immersive learning, microlearning, etc.) and innovative pedagogies and their pivotal role in shaping the future of education, not only here in the United States but throughout the world community. In this follow-up discussion, we will be joined by Greg Bagby who is currently the Coordinator of Instructional Technology for the Hamilton County Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee as well as Dr. Beth Holland who is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator (TLA) both of whom helped write the plan. One area we will likely focus on with Beth and Greg will be the importance of closing the digital access, design, and use divides in education. As mentioned last week, the 2024 plan highlights the role of educators in promoting active student engagement through Universal Design for Learning principles and the need for state, school, and other local leaders to develop new visions and innovative initiatives for digital learning. By examining systemic solutions and plans to various inequities and showcasing innovative examples from schools and districts, the plan sets a path for leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences for all students. From personalized adaptive learning systems to immersive virtual environments, in Episode #188 of Silver Lining for Learning (SLL), we hope to examine how these learning technologies hold the promise of fostering deeper learner and learner-learner engagement while enhancing resource accessibility and cultivating critical 21st-century skills among learners.

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Dr. Beth Holland is a Partner at The Learning Accelerator (TLA), where she leads the organization’s research and measurement initiatives. She has over 25 years of experience working as an educator and researcher examining challenges of equity, technology, and leadership within K-12 public school systems. Prior to joining TLA, she led the Digital Equity and Rural initiatives for the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN) and completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Rhode Island. She has also worked as a teacher, administrator, and professional learning developer. Beth earned her doctorate (Ed.D.) from Johns Hopkins University, Master’s (Ed.M.) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University.

Listed as one of EdTech Magazine’s K-12 IT influencers for 2020, Greg Bagby is currently the Coordinator of Instructional Technology for the Hamilton County Schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In this position, Greg works with 1:1 schools, assisting them in integrating technology into their curriculum. Before this position, Greg was a principal, band director, computer teacher, and technology integration specialist. He presents in his home state and nationally on technology integration, tech tools and artificial intelligence. He is one of the co-founders of EdCampGigCity and the host of the Books with Bagby Podcast. Most recently, Greg was a part of the Technical Working Group for the National Educational Technology Plan and led a panel discussion for its release at the White House.